What We Do

We fix electric tankless water heaters!

*Does not your water heater turns on?
*Is your water heater tank ejecting water from the security valve?
*Does not get hot?
*Weird noises on your water heater?
*Is doing little insight explosions?
*Leakage inside your water heater?
*Does not turn off?

  • We fix!

Tankless water heater and water heater tanks repair, any brand, any model.
Tankless water heater.
Traditional water heater tanks.

  • Coverage area for the water heater fix service:
    Central Valley. San José, Alajuela, Heredia, Cartago.
  • 1 month warranty in all the water heater fixes.
  • Certified and specialized technicians on each water heater brand.
  • Experience, service, quality, speed and absolute seriousness.

Electric Water Heater Maintenance

We also count with tankless water heaters maintenance service, as well for, deposit water heaters and the traditional water heater tank maintenance, for any brand or any model on the Central Valley.

  • What does include the preventive water heater maintenance?

*General cleaning, outside and inside.
*Temperature calibration.
*Relay adjustment.
*We recommend to make a preventive maintenance every 6 months for any water heater due to this avoids that the equip gets harm and helps that your water heater last longer and in good state.

Do not run out of hot water! We know that it is very important for you, your health and your family to count with hot water at any time. Warranty of preventive maintenance of 30 days.

  • Experience, service, quality, speed and absolute seriousness.

Call today (506)4000-1241, (506)7215-5422, send us an e-mail to info@mrheatercr.com or request for quotation or services.